Force of Will Single Card Quality Guide
Gamers Rush sells a large variety of single cards from various Force of Will sets. For collectors, quality means everything and every person has a difference in their quality desires. This page serves as a guide into how Gamers Rush decides the quality of the cards we sell. 90% of cards sold by Gamers Rush are straight out of the pack, into sleeves and will be in Mint to Near Mint condition. There may be some Very Good to Good cards that will have minor wear as shown in the examples below but for the most part, all cards will be in Mint to Near Mint condition. Furthermore, all cards sold by Gamers Rush come in a protective sleeve at no additional cost.

MINT / Near Mint (M/NM)
When a card is accompanied by the (M/NM) brackets, it stands for a Mint to Near Mint condition card. These cards come straight out of the pack and go straight into sleeves to be sold on the online store. These cards will have no wear on them for the most part but it is possible that a factory white spec or two may exist due to the quality of the cards that come out of the packs has sometimes shown factory wear. Below is an image of a Mint card.

Very Good / Good (VG/G)
Very Good to Good condition cards will have minor wear such as white specs around the borders or at the front and/or back of the card.
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Card Bends, Foil & Full Art Cards (FOIL)
Those of you who collect Force of Will, you will already have experienced how some cards, especially Foil and Full Art cards bend due to the metallic foil layer that is placed on them during manufacturing. This is an issue with all cards that are Foils or Full Art. 99.9% of them will bend as pictured below so please be aware that when buying Foil or Full Art cards, they will more than likely have a bend as shown in the image below. We do not provide refunds to customers who do purchase without having read or understood this.