03/06/2021: Vic Locdowns, Pokemon Refunds, Pokemon News, Physical and Online Store Updates

VIC Lockdowns: As many of you may already know, Victoria was in lockdown the past 7 days and except for Regional areas, Melbourne will remain in lockdown till the 10th of June when that will be assessed again. This has been a trying time not only for stores, but distributors and suppliers also so please bear with us during this time as we continue to try and get through all orders as fast as possible as they arrive.

Pokemon Refunds: Once Lockdowns have ended and we can travel back to our store, we'll be processing refunds requested by some of you on Pokemon products that have yet to be fulfilled by Pokemon such as First Partner Packs and Charizard Theme Decks. We will however keep your names on our list so that we can contact you for first choice purchase when those stocks do get supplied in the future. Please bear with us during this process, we know it will take some time but we're working on it as fast as possible.

Pokemon News: As of June 1st 2021, Gamers Rush has taken the stance that until things change, we will no longer be taking pre-orders for Pokemon products until our allocated stock counts are confirmed by Pokemon and the Australian Distributor. At that time, we will put pre-orders up of our guaranteed allocated stock. This will ensure that any pre-ordered items WILL be fulfilled on time and we won't have customers waiting with the potential of Pokemon completely cancelling stock and manufacturing as they have done with some products already. We want to provide you all with a guaranteed service and from now on, we'll ensure that pre-orders are only for guaranteed allocated stock! This will extend to all Non Pokemon TCG products also.

Physical Store & Online Store Updates: As stated on our Facebook page, our Physical store will be shut until the 5th of July as we have building repairs as well as upgrades done for the new Gaming Centre for kids with Autism, Special Needs and Young Adults alike! Due to the extent of the works being done, we cannot have customers walking in and out. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Furthermore, our Online Store will be going down for upgrades sometime in the coming days and you will see a notification letting all customers know that we're down for upgrades. We're looking to make your shopping experience greater with more Online Store features such as a better pre-order system with partial pay and we're even looking at a rewards system though that latter one may have to wait a bit longer. Some upgrades to the store layout will also occur during this time. You will still be able to contact us through our contact us page and through Facebook so please don't despair, we will be back soon. The date for Online Store upgrades will be Friday the 4th of June 2021 and will last for 3-7 days depending on the length of time it will take our website programmers to finish all the works. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but we feel it is necessary to do this now and develop an even great experience for you all!

Stay tuned!


27/04/2021: Random Updates

MTG Jumpstart: We're happy to inform all customers that MTG Jumpstart Booster Boxes have all now been shipped. We hope you will enjoy them when you receive them. Also be aware that pre-orders for the next stock are available so be sure to get in quick before they sell out!

WS The Seven Deadly Sins: Preorders close in 3 days people! If you want to secure yours for release day, it is important to preorder on or before the 30th of April. You really don't want to miss out on this set as we won't be getting restocks of this!


25/04/2021: New Store Layout, Pokemon Delays and more News.

New Store Layout: As some of you may have noticed, we have worked on the navigation menu at the top of our website which also affects the mobile version and have made it a lot easier to navigate through. Currently we're working hard to ensure all products are in their rightful place as we continue to grow the navigation menu with the missing sections. We'll also be making some changes to the front page design but that will come soon.

Pokemon Delays: As many of you know, we have had far too many delays and non supplied products from Pokemon with our December 2020 stock only arriving a week ago and still missing a lot of products. Due to this, we have taken the decision to refund all customers that purchased the Charizard Theme Decks and the Zacian & Zamazenta Premium Collectors Set. We will however place all your names in our list so if/when Pokemon does come through with our stock orders, we'll contact you to give you first chance in re-purchasing those items. We feel it's only fair to do this for all of you as we do not like the fact that you have waited this long already. Refunds will start being processed on the 3rd of May.

Preorder News: The Seven Deadly Sins pre-orders end on the 30th of April so if you want to secure yours on release day, be sure to order in time. Any pre-orders after the 30th of April will be fulfilled as stocks last from the order count we are getting. There will not be a restock of this product so if you're a Weiss Schwarz collector, DON'T MISS OUT!

Final Fantasy Opus XIV Booster Boxes and the Final Fantasy Two Player Starter Set Avalanche vs Shinra products are now available for pre-order. Be sure to get in quick as these babies will sell out fast!


22/03/2021: Weiss Schwarz Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel Delayed

Weiss Schwarz Fate/Stay Night Heaven's Feel has been delayed with a new release date set to 9th July, 2021. Pre-order deadline has also been extended to 9th of April 2021 so be sure to get yours ordered so you don't miss out. There will NOT be a second print run of this set!


10/03/2021: Pokemon Update

Hello customers! I am happy to inform you all that our Vivid Voltage and Darkness Ablaze booster boxes have arrived! We'll be processing and packing orders today and tomorrow and will be shipping everything on Friday the 12th of March. We're very excited to get your orders out to you! Furthermore, Zacian and Zazamenta ETB's will also be going out. The Zacian/Zazamenta premium product is still yet to arrive and we've been told that Banter is still waiting for stock of that. Those of you who have ordered it will receive it once it arrives. Same goes for the Theme Decks, we're still waiting for those to be shipped by Pokemon. We'll keep you all up to date! Thank you for your patience!


07/03/2021: Pokemon Product Updates

Greetings customers! I'm finally happy to report that the products listed below will be shipping out this week if you have orders for them. We will be receiving them between Monday to Wednesday and then packing and shipping will occur so every order with items listed below will go out by Friday.

  • Vivid Voltage Booster Box
  • Darkness Ablaze Booster Box
  • Alakazam V Box
  • Zacian & Zazamenta Elite Trainer Box
  • Venusaur V & Blastoise V Battle Deck

We do however regret to inform that Pokemon has yet to ship out the Vivid Voltage Charizard and Drednaw Decks which we're still waiting on next stock to arrive to Australian Distributors. This was meant to happen sooner but they prioritised booster boxes and other products first. We'll still be receiving more decks but there is a little wait. We'll keep you all posted!


22/02/2021: Vivid Voltage and Darkness Ablaze Booster Boxes

As mentioned in our news article on the 16th of February, we will be receiving Vivid Voltage Booster Boxes by the end of this week or by Monday next week at the latest. All orders will be processed, packed and shipped once they arrive.

We're also happy to report that Darkness Ablaze Booster Boxes are incoming and we should receive them within 10-14 days of which we'll process, pack and ship them to all of our online store and ebay store buyers as soon as they arrive. We will email each of you over the next 48-72 hours to update you personally about your orders. We thank you for your patience and we're looking forward to get these out to all of you asap!