26/06/2022: Webstore Upgrades
Gamers Rush is happy to announce that new upgrades are coming to our webstore with new sections being opened starting this coming week. From Die-Cast to new Figurines section as well as Anime, Toys, Tabletop and many other categories. The home page and navigation menu will change dramatically over the coming weeks/months as we link to each section, each with it's own options and navigation menu's ensuring all sections will be clean and easily navigable.

Hololive Shipments:

Hololive Shipments will be continuing this week with undamaged stock arriving this week, a little delayed as we did expect them on Friday. We'll be processing and shipping orders immediately. We thank you for your patience!
18/06/2022: Attack on Titan Final Season Delayed
Weiss Schwarz has announced today that Attack on Titan Final Season has been delayed with the new release date set to September 16th, 2012.
17/05/2022: Weiss Schwarz Product Delays and Hololive Shipping
The Bushiroad products listed below have been delayed and now have new release dates.
  • Attack on Titan Vol.1 Reprint: New Release Date - 1st July, 2022
  • Attack on Titan Vol.2 Reprint: New Release Date - 1st July, 2022
  • Nazarick Tomb of the Undead Reprint: New Release Date - To Be Confirmed
  • Tokyo Revengers Booster Box and Trial Decks: New Release Date: 29th July, 2022

Please note that these dates may change again if Bushiroad continues to feel the crunch in getting all items manufactured in time. As per usual, all pre-orders will be fulfilled once Bushiroad delivers each set.

Hololive Shipping: Please bear with us as we're shipping Hololive Orders as quickly as possible. Due to a number of damaged units and cases, we are receiving more stock on the 3rd of June and some newer orders may have to wait if we can't fulfil them all due to damaged units. We are NOT cancelling any orders as we are receiving replacements for the damaged stock to fulfil all our orders so do not worry, they will go out as soon as possible. Gamers Rush is currently working with only one staff member in shipping due to various staff members on leave due to having caught COVID. Our temporary one man shipping team is working like the road runner to get orders packed and shipped daily. We thank you for your understanding!

06/05/2022: Hololive Shipments & More stock of Attack on Titan Booster Boxes

Hololive Shipments: 
We're getting through all our Hololive Trial Deck orders as fast as possible and many of you would have already seen your orders as shipped with tracking added. More have been shipped out today and your orders will be updated with tracking info. Of course for those who have had orders with Booster Boxes, your orders will be shipped with your booster boxes once they release on May 13th. We do have over 150 orders to pack and ship still on Trial Decks alone so please bear with us. We also have over 100 orders of booster boxes so they will take time to pack and ship too, please bear with us!

Attack on Titan Pre-order Stock: We've been able to acquire more stock from Bushiroad for Attack on Titan Vol.1, Vol.2 and Final Season Booster Boxes for release day. You may now pre-order from the newly available cases of each set. Always remember that Gamers Rush Quantity counts are always guaranteed. We do not oversell!
28/04/2022: Hololive Trial Deck shipments and More Booster Boxes

Hololive Trial Decks release tomorrow and for those of you who have pre-ordered without booster boxes, they will be shipped starting from next week. We have over 200 orders of Hololive trial decks to get through so please bear with us as we try to pack and ship as fast as possible.

Orders that have Booster Box orders with their trial decks will have to wait until the release day of May 13th for their orders to go out as the Booster Boxes were delayed. As per our pre-ordering policy, orders with multiple pre-orders are shipped when the last item releases.

With the acquisition of some additional stock, we've been able to get one more case of booster boxes and have made them available for purchase on the online store! Be sure to not miss out!
22/04/2022: Maiden Party Stock Update & International Shipping Coming

Maiden Story Stock Update: 
The stock update for Maiden Story is going well albeit a bit slower than anticipated and will take about 24 hours or so before it's completed though the team is working hard to get it done today. Stay tuned.

International Shipping Coming: International Shipping for USA and Canada will be opened within the next 24 - 72 hours. While our shopify store doesn't support International Shipping in the way it's set up, we are working out the best ways to do this. It may be a flat rate fee or we may have an option to select a Request for Shipping quote which will come at a later time to your email so that we can ensure that we not only undercharge, but also that we do not overcharge in shipping. There are a few ways to make this happen to open it up to our U.S and Canadian based customers so please bear with us as we figure it out.

Other countries such as the UK, New Zealand and European countries will take longer to be added to our store so we ask for your patience. Unfortunately Australia Post does not have a flat rate fee per box size per zone so one city or state difference can have major differences in cost. We'll work something out however and get it all running soon. Stay tuned!

With new information acquired, all three maiden Party sets correspond to one big set and as such, our inventory will not only be updated with new stock, but will also be updated in the way it shows up so all of you can view the full set in one section. This will take 24-48 hours to complete so please bear with us!

20/04/2022: Maiden Party SNPD-5-3 Singles Stock Update

Maiden Party SNPD-5-3 is temporarily down as we update the set with new stock and inventory counts on additional units of existing cards. The set will be back live later today. More sets coming soon!
19/04/2022: Naruto Chinese NR01 Singles Live!
The first Chinese Naruto set singles are now Live and you can get to them through the Asia / Chinese option in the TCG Singles Menu or by clicking HERE
17/04/2022: Goddess Story 5M04 Singles Live!
Goddess Story 5M04 Singles are now Live and can be seen via their section in the TCG Singles - Goddess Story page or directly by clicking HERE
17/04/2022: Maiden Party Set 3 Singles Live!

Maiden Party Set 3 Singles are now Live on the online store and you can get to them through the Goddess Story option in the TCG Singles menu at the top navigation menu or by Clicking HERE.
16/04/2022: Date-A-Bullet Surprise Sets, Mushoku Tensei PR Packs, Discount Codes, Loyalty Points.

Date-A-Bullet Surprise Sets: We are happy to inform you all that Bushiroad have finally delivered on the Date-A-Bullet Surprise set. Unfortunately they were not possible to ship prior to Easter as their release date was Good Friday (not much thought put into that date it seems). All orders that do not have any outstanding pre-orders awaiting release will be shipped starting Tuesday the 19th of April, 2022. Any new orders will be shipped within the usual 48 hour timeframe as per normal (Excluding weekends and public holidays).

Mushoku Tensei PR Packs: Mushoku Tensei PR packs are arriving sometime next week and we'll be shipping them out to all of you as quickly as possible as they arrive for each box you have ordered. You will receive a notification of a new order placed on your account but that will be pure logistic purposes, you do not need to pay or do anything further yourself!

Discount Codes: Some customers have been using discount codes on already discounted items. Please be advised that discount codes should not be used on already discounted items. While we've let this slide until now, Discount Codes will be discontinued as we move onto a different system and a different pricing method which provides as much discount as we can offer from the get go, bringing you all better prices from the start on items that we're capable of doing so. As we grow, we will be able to pass further savings to all of you through our main pricing structure.

Loyalty Points: Loyalty Points will be changed to a new system in the near future. Do not fret! You will not lose your points earned, they will be automatically re-added in the new system and you may even receive a bit more than what you had previously. This is done due to a requirement in the way we want to reward our customers with more than what the current software allows.
13/04/2022: Easter Hours and Site Updates

Easter Hours: Gamers Rush Easter Hours. Support Chat Hours and Shipping Information.

With Easter upon us, Gamers Rush Staff will be spending the long weekend with their families and friends. Due to this Gamers Rush will not be available for local deliveries, shipping or chat support during these days.

15th April: Good Friday
16th April: Easter Saturday
17th April: Easter Sunday
18th April: Easter Monday

Gamers Rush will be back to normal schedule from Tuesday the 19th of April, 2022.

Please note that any orders made from 2pm Thursday the 14th of April to midday Tuesday the 19th of April will be processed, picked and packed on the 19th of April and will be shipped the next day, 20th of April.

We wish you all a Happy Easter or Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you all once we reopen on the 19th of April!

Site Updates: During the Easter Break the Gamers Rush Online Store will be going through some changes as we get ready to include more product variety in our store. Gamers Rush began and always has been a physical store that delved in many different products, not just Trading Cards. Things such as Figurines, Anime products, Comics, Lego, Tabletop Miniatures, Board Games, Video Games and more are just a small list of the many things Gamers Rush covers in our physical store. It is time that our Online Store begins to follow suit and offer all our online customers the wide range of products we have been offering our physical customers. This won't just take a weekend but starting this weekend, some layout changes on the home page and new sections will be created with new menu's, options and other relevant required changes will begin to take effect as we grow the online store to bigger and better things.

Gamers Rush is growing thanks to all your support and we aim to make it the best place to get collectables without the stress of receiving them damaged in transit. We take pride in our packing service and we'll continue to bring you all the best service well into the future. We hope you will enjoy all the new things coming!
12/04/2022: Hololive Booster Boxes Delayed to May 13th, 2022

Due to an unforeseen issue in production, the following product will be delayed:

Booster Pack hololive production
April 29, 2022 ⟶ May 13, 2022
There will be no changes to the release date of Trial Deck+ hololive production 0th~5th Generation and Gamers.
As a result of the delay, please also note the following changes to the hololive production Title Cup that was previously announced:
  • Stores may apply to hold the hololive production Title Cup from May 1, 2022 June 1, 2022. Bushiroad sincerely apologizes for this delay and any inconvenience caused, and would like to seek your understanding and patience in this matter. We will continue working to improve our production processes. Please approach your local card shops for updates on product availability and title cup event dates.


10/04/2022: Two New Sets and a Reprint Revealed!

The long awaited sequel to Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is finally here!

Experience the bittersweet throes of love as Shoko Makinohara makes her appearance on the stage of Weiß Schwarz! As mentioned on stream, Booster Pack Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai will also be receiving a reprint so stay tuned to our official channels for more information soon!


It’s time to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins in our next English Edition Original, Booster Pack The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments!

Join Meliodas and his merry band once again as they face up against new enemies threatening the peace of the kingdom! More information will be announced soon so stay tuned to our official channels!


24/03/2022: Attack on Titan Tournament Packs Contents

Introducing the Attack On Titan: Final Season Tournament Store Assist PR Pack! To commemorate the release of Attack On Titan: Final Season, all tournament stores will receive a Tournament Store Assist PR Pack for promotional use. Please note that Tournament Packs are shipped out by stores at a later date, not the same day as the product release as stores get their Tournament Kits which include the PR packs at a later date.

Each Attack On Titan: Final Season Tournament Store Assist PR Pack will contain four (three normal + one foil) of 20 (10 normal + 10 parallel foils) special PR cards, and can be redeemed with any purchase of one box of the following products:

  • Booster Pack Attack On Titan: Final Season
  • Booster Pack Attack On Titan
  • Booster Pack Attack On Titan Vol.2
Please visit this page for more information on the Tournament Store Assist PR Pack.

* Please note that all cards are still in development and may be changed.

24/03/2022: Attack on Titan + Attack on Titan Volume 2 Reprint Preorders Now Open! 4 DAYS ONLY!


Reprints of Weiss Schwarz Attack On Titan and Attack on Titan Vol.2 Booster Boxes are now available for preorder. Bushiroad has set a tight deadline for preorders on these reprints and pre-orders must be received by 11:59pm Monday the 28th of March, 2022. Gamers Rush has reached out to Bushiroad in hopes the deadline may be extended but there is no guarantee. If you really don't want to miss out, get your preorders in asap!


22/03/2022: Attack on Titan Reprints Coming!

We hope you are excited for Attack On Titan: Final Season this August 26, 2022! Pre-orders for Trial Deck+Booster Pack, and Supply Set have since begun so do check with your nearest local card shop today! (Please note Australian Pre-orders will begin soon)

In addition, we will be reprinting the following products:

    Both reprints will retain their original specifications and any purchase of one box at a tournament store such as Gamers Rush will also entitle you to one Attack On Titan: Final Season Tournament Store Assist PR Pack! Don’t miss this chance to experience the titanic battles on the stage of Weiẞ Schwarz!


    21/03/2022: Slight Delays on Shipping

    Gamers Rush would like to inform our customers that there is currently a 48-72 hour delay in processing and shipping any in stock products. Due to the high volume of orders during our sales period as well as with certain pre-orders going out also and working with reduced staff, it's taking us a little longer to get things out. We apologize for the additional delay but please be assured that your orders will go out as quickly as possible. The packing team thanks all of you for your patience.


    17/03/2022: RWBY Singles Live! Upcoming Singles

    Weiss Schawrz RWBY Singles are now LIVE and can be viewed on their category section located HERE! We hope you enjoy!

    Upcoming Singles
    Weiss Schwarz Rent A Girlfriend
    Pokemon Brilliant Stars
    Pokemon Fusion Strike
    Force of Will The Seventh
    Goddess Story 2022 Premium


    16/03/2022: Preorders closing for Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

    Preorders for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon is closing at 11:59pm Thursday the 17th of March, 2022. Be sure to get your pre-orders in time to not miss out on this set! Available counts for preorder will be set to 0 after time runs out.


    11/02/2022: Weiss Schwarz Rent-A-Girlfriend Released!

    We're happy to inform all our customers that Rent-A-Girlfriend has been released today. For those of you who ordered through our online store, your orders are being picked, packed and readied to be shipped with shipments going out on Monday the 14th of February. All your orders will be updated with tracking numbers once they have been labelled. We hope you will enjoy this new set installment!


    07/02/2022: New In Stock products ready to ship + More!

    Greetings Gamers! We're happy to announced that we're getting through our backlog and most orders of RWBY and other sets are now out and new stock levels are up on our online store, in stock and ready to ship for Cardfight Vanguard, Pokemon and Weiss Schwarz. Due to our large influx of orders, it is taking 2-3 days to get everything shipped so please bear with us, we are still working with staff limitations.

    HOLOLIVE Booster Box and Trial deck stock counts have also been updated as we have now been guaranteed our ordered counts by Bushiroad so we have upped the counts a little. We still have more but we want to ensure we cover everyone in case of damage so we don't want to oversell and then send damaged products. We try to look after you all as best as possible. Please ensure you pre-order before release as it does help us a lot to ensure we continually bring more and more great Bushiroad products to you with continued guarantee of release day stock! Also remember that every booster box purchase from Mushoku Tensei onwards will receive a special promo pack that can only be acquired through Official Tournament Stores such as Gamers Rush.

    Be sure to check the Cardfight, Pokemon and Weiss Schwarz categories as product images and stock counts have been updated! Thank you for your continued support!