From time to time, Gamers Rush will put up items for Preorder. These items allow customers to pre-purchase items coming out in the future to ensure that they secure their release day stock without the worries of missing out by not being quick enough to visit stores or purchase online after release. Gamers Rush takes Preorders seriously and enforce strict rules on all Preorders. Making any form of Preorder on our website is an agreement to be bound to all points listed on this page as written and published on the 17th of October, 2021.

Preorder Release Dates

All items marked with Preorder will most often come with a release date in one of two forms. A full date stating the day, month and year it will be released in the style of (31st December, 2021) or with just the month and year in the style of (December, 2021). These dates can and often do change when the manufacturer or distributor face delays be it in manufacturing and/or shipping. Any Preordered item will be held in our warehouse until the official release day arrives.

Preorder Shipping Time

Gamers Rush ensures we process and ship Preordered items on the day of release which is the soonest we are permitted to ship orders. We cannot ship them early for you to receive them on release day as we're not allowed. Sometimes there can be delays in receiving such products with the current shipping delay situations occurring with Australia Post and Star Track. In such situations, customers should remain patient as we will ship your items as soon as they arrive.

What happens if you make an order with Preorder and Non Preorder Items?

It is advised that you separate your preorder items into their own orders rather than combining with non preorder items. If your order includes both preorder and non preorder items, your entire order will be held until your preorder items are released.

What happens if I have multiple Preorder items releasing on different dates in the same order?

In such cases, all your order will be held until the last preorder item is released. You may request for items to be sent out but an additional shipping fee will be invoiced via Paypal before the item/s desired are shipped out.

I want to cancel my Preorder

Gamers Rush does not offer cancellations of Preorders. As Gamers Rush itself cannot cancel it's own preorders made with various distributors, the cancellation of any orders can often cause irreparable financial harm to Gamers Rush that may be forced to pay for stock that would otherwise not have been stocked outside of the preorder request made by customers. Gamers Rush asks its customers to be 100% sure when preordering products as we will not cancel.

My Preorder was cancelled, I thought Gamers Rush doesn't cancel Preorders?

Gamers Rush will not cancel a preorder upon request, that is our policy, however, Gamers Rush reserves the right to cancel and refund any order and preorder at any time. While it is rare that this will happen, the reasons for a cancelled preorder are usually due to cut backs in allocations from the manufacturer and distributor in which case Gamers Rush does not receive enough units to cover all preorders. In this situation, Gamers Rush will fulfill orders in the order they were received up to the point allocations allow and unfulfilled orders will be cancelled and refunded.

My Preordered Item has been released but I have not received it!

Since COVID-19 began we have seen all products face cut backs and/or multiple wave releases. In cases where Preorder items are coming in waves, you will have to wait for yours to arrive. Should the manufacturer or distributor let Gamers Rush know that no more units will be coming to Australia, we will then automatically cancel and refund your orders. Due to the nature of the industry currently (as of October, 2021), releases in waves and long delays have become a common part of product releases so we ask for your patience.