Gamers Rush stocks, sells and ships a large variety of single trading cards from various TCG and Non-TCG brands and sets. At Gamers Rush, we feel it is important to ensure that all single cards are protected and as such, all cards are placed in protective sleeves once pulled from their packs. Below is information on the Card Quality Codes, Quality Control methods we use and Shipping methods.

Gamers Rush does also do card buy backs and those cards are placed online with a different code as they have not come out of packs. Codes are as follows;


The quality codes below are for cards pulled from packs and sealed products.

M/NM - Mint/Near Mint: An unplayed card that has been pulled from a pack and has gone straight into a sleeve, never played, undamaged in any unnatural (non factory default) way.

VG - Very Good: An unplayed card that is in Very Good condition. May have some corner wear or tiny white spots in corners or on the card's rear. No Creases.

G - Good: An unplayed card that is in Good condition. May have more noticeable corner wear or white specs than VG cards. No major creases.

Gamers Rush does not sell cards that have major creases or what would be considered as a creased card.


Gamers Rush does buy back cards from various collectors and suppliers who like to get rid of their commons, uncommons and unwanted cards. In such situations, when listing those cards for sale, Gamers Rush will have an extension to our already existing codes with the extension being BB. So examples of Buy Back card codes on sale are listed below...


In all circumstances, Gamers Rush will not sell anything that falls below our quality standards nor will we buy back any cards that fall under any of the above quality standards.


Gamers Rush ensures that all cards sold on our online store and any other platform we choose to sell on meet our quality standards as stated in the Quality Codes section.

All cards will always be shipped in protective sleeves. Any cards worth over $5 will be placed in a sleeve and a top loader (where stocks are available). Please note that with Ultra Pro's and BCW's inability to keep maintaining enough stock, there may be times that Gamers Rush will not be able to supply top loaders for cards of $5 and over. By purchasing cards, you understand and accept that the risk of not being in a top loader is a possibility however Gamers Rush will ensure that cards are packed in a strong protective way to ensure they arrive undamaged.

Cards are NEVER shipped in padded enveloped. We only ship cards in AusPost Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large boxes depending on the order size. Your cards will be well packed and protected.